Hypnotherapy Training Testimonials


“Lois Prinz, Master Hypnotist, is an excellent hypnotherapy trainer, coach, mentor and teacher. She knows how to center her full attention on her students and give them what they need to succeed. She constantly, but also patiently and nurturingly, plants the seeds to move her students to the next step of proficiency, effectiveness, and understanding. She is very organized and has many valuable resources to share with her students. Her experience involving hypnosis is vast and she knows how to draw upon it in the way which is most beneficial to her students. Lois also has the uncanny ability to show her students how they can apply this same wisdom to their own clients. She has a gift for communication and connection which is truly uplifting. Lois continues to be available to her students for resources and support after the formal training is over. She has put many years into the study and practice of hypnosis, including running a large, successful practice for many years. She continues to work with clients, including referrals from medical doctors. She stays current and is an avid reader as well as being published in the field of hypnotherapy. She has studied and learned from the best; has given back to the hypnotherapy community and taught some of the most rising stars in the field. Lois makes the training fun while covering a vast amount of material and information. I recommend Lois Prinz’ training to anyone interested in improving himself/ herself, understanding better how the mind truly works, and/or going into the hypnotism business as a professional practitioner. Lois explains, demonstrates, and gives guided practice in clear and patient terms. She shows how the state of one’s well-being can be changed by applying the proven and tested techniques of modern hypnotherapy. What more can I say? Lois also shows her students how to join the best professional organizations; how to run a profitable business; and how to expand that business to better serve. The following quote from an anonymous source reminds me of Lois and her awesome affect on people’s lives: “There is much more of you and of creation than you presently appreciate with your intellectual abilities.”  Peter J. Scherer MS, LP, Licensed School Counselor 

This 300-hour class is a start-to-finish thorough education in the fundamentals of hypnosis.  I’m fully prepared and ready to practice hypnosis as a powerful healing modality with my clients. ~ Moriah M.,  LPCC, C Ht

“The professionalism, knowledge and interest in teaching that Lois has, ignites curiosity in the subject of hypnosis in anyone.  Her excitement is contagious.  I found myself looking forward to the weekend training.  The amount I learned far exceeded my expectations.  Lois, you are truly inspiring and a tribute to your profession.”         Frances S., MD, CHt

“The hypnotism training, as presented by Lois Prinz, turned on lights in my head I never knew I had bulbs for!  Lois is a genuine, informed, entertaining and a tell-it-like-it-is person.  This is a course that is essential for anyone contemplating becoming a credible, ethical and professional hypnotherapist.  Lois is truly excellent at what she does!”  Dr. Peter Fisk, Ph.D., CHt

This training brings a very healing and learning experience for me.  Lois brings an excitement to the class that makes learning a joy. It was truly a healing experience.   My only regret is that I did not do this years earlier! ~ Rhonda Heyns, C Ht

“After researching other hypnosis training programs, I chose to work with Lois. Why?  The breadth and depth of what her training program covers is unequaled.  She is a master of the field, whose knowledge, wisdom, humor, and pragmatism laid a solid foundation for a career or specialty in hypnotism.  Her depth of experience and years of running a successful hypnosis business was the perfect combination for meeting my needs.  The opportunity to work one-on-one with her during the training and in an ongoing mentor program has been incredibly helpful.  If someone wants to learn how to be a successful hypnotist, I strongly suggest they train with Lois.”                   ~ Julie Bon Cade, C.Ht., Corrales, New Mexico

“Lois, I share with you my heartfelt thanks for the hypnotherapist preparation I received under your mentorship.  I know you have had many students successfully go through your program and I am proud to count myself amongst them. I came away from the experience with much new knowledge.  I have been involved with Hypnosis since the 1970s in California, and was only seeking certification in this state, and while I did receive the certification and benefits I was seeking, I nonetheless learned a great deal more from the training than I thought possible.  As a consequence of the many techniques I learned during my time with Lois, I am much more confident in my ability to assist others.  I gleaned new vistas into hypnosis and the plains of the mind.  I know what I learned here will prove invaluable in my research and clinical career as a Medical Sociologist.Again, thank you for an invaluable raining experience.” ~ W. Azul La Luz B., Ph.D., M.A., CCHt.

Lois is the most exuberant teacher and person.  Indeed a visible Enlightened Being. I loved every moment of her class. ~ Vaira Econnikof, CH

“There are two main components to the program: the coursework and the mentoring. The course itself is intensive, with the small group format allowing us to process a great deal of information in a surprisingly short time.  Every element of the program had applicable value with no wasted time or energy — we received absolutely excellent materials, we participated in focused practical exercises, challenging homework, and probably the greatest value of the course, Lois Prinz was generous in sharing techniques she’s developed during her 30+ years of experience.

Although the course is very thorough and engaging, it’s the mentorship arm of this program that sets it apart. Following the course, Lois has been available to guide and encourage me as I’m putting it all together to become a professional.  Being able to consult with Lois about my early clients is giving them the indirect benefit of her experience, and has helped me to hit the ground running in establishing a practice.  I’m confident Lois brings not only her wisdom, but her warm sense of humor and no-nonsense style to each relationship she forms, and I highly recommend her program.” ~Tracy Adams, C.H., Cornerstone Hypnotherapy (Seattle, Washington)

Lois Prinz is wonderful, patient and nurturing; a great teacher! I can assure you that this training was worth every dime I paid! ~ Ellen J. Henry, CCC, CH

“Lois Prinz, Founder and Director of National Hypnotherapy Training Center has changed my life profoundly! As an educator, facilitator and business professional, I am highly impressed with the caliber and integrity of the training provided by Lois.  Not only was a provided with an in depth theoretical framework of Hypnotism, but was offered the opportunity for practical application.  Aside from the very detailed level of information available, Ms. Prinz went above and beyond by preparing future hypnotists to successfully enter into the profession. The marketing materials, business strategies and hypnotic cascade offered, prepared me as a future hypnotist to successfully and prosperously enter this new profession,  Thank you, Lois!”  ~Brenda Bentley

Lois Prinz is an excellent instructor.  She goes beyond the call of duty and models what she preaches. I’d recommend her training to anyone interested in becoming a hypnotherapist.~ Roberta L., Ph. D., CH

“I have never had such superb materials in a classroom as what Lois put together for this mentoring experience.  The class was excellent and informative.  Lois has so much knowledge on the subject and was wonderful to share it with us.  I strive to be as good as she is at hypnosis.  She is able to combine both knowledge and heart in what she does and what she teaches.  I recommend her mentoring class for anyone interested in becoming a professional hypnotist.” ~ Brenda Smith

“I am so glad I found you and your mentoring program.  I have so much gratitude and appreciation for all that you have taught me. You are Amazing! Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!” ~ Candice Thomas, CH

I completed the Summer Intensive class for 2006 and Lois made it so interesting and fun! I have never had such “superb” materials in a classroom as what Lois put together for this training. The class was excellent and so informative. Lois has so much knowledge and was wonderful in sharing it with all of us. I strive to be as good as she is at hypnosis. She is able to combine both knowledge and heart in what she does and what she teaches. It made me enthusiastic in becoming a hypnotist. I recommend her class for anyone interested in hypnosis.       ~ Lisa Rupard, LISW, CH

“I just wanted to write a few words to let you know how much I treasure and value our time together during our mentoring session over the summer. It was a fascinating and tremendously enjoyable experience and I learned so much from you and my fellow group mates. I returned home with a brand new perspective and could see how much hypnosis could help my clients and my practice as a mental health and substance abuse therapist. Since our week together, I have felt inspired to go out in the world and do great things and this I can contribute to your positive way of teaching and mentoring your students. I also wanted to say that it is so comforting to know that you are just a phone call or email away if I get stuck or have any questions. I can tell you that I look forward to joining you again in the future for further training and I wish you all the best in your endeavors. I look forward to staying in contact with you and again appreciate you so much for what you have taught me and how you showed me the path to a new direction in helping others. Please call on me anytime that I can help you in any way. Please take care and I look forward to talking to you in the near future.” ~Guy Cooper, MS, LPCC, Hobbs, New Mexico

“The practical experience was great and all the materials were Awesome. The Instructor was lively and knowledgeable. it was one of the best courses I have taken! Thanks, Lois!” Danelle Beckland, LPCC, CH

“Dear Lois Prinz, What can I say about you, that I am sure has not been said before? Before I was fortunate enough to enroll in your mentoring program, I checked out several hypnotherapy schools, both in and out of NM. Once I decided that you, by far surpassed all others, in or out of NM, I decided to call your references to check out what they had to say (after all, it was my time and money that was being spent and I wanted to be informed and make sure that you were ‘the real deal’). I was very pleased to hear all of the kind, warm comments that every single one of your references gave.

Lois: I found you to be genuine, thoughtful, and authentic.  You are the best instructor that I have ever had, (I am in the last part of my Master’s program as you know, so I have had numerous instructors).  You taught me so much, not only about hypnosis but about myself as well. You allowed me to be myself as you are compassionate and trustworthy. I was able to feel comfortable and confident that I was getting the best training possible.

Since completing your program, (only a couple of months ago) I am proud to say that I just received my business license in Rio Rancho, NM.  You gave me the wisdom and knowledge (which I knew nothing about) that I needed to be able to open my own business. Lois, I cannot thank you enough. Meeting you was great and I am pleased that I had the opportunity to train with you.  I never thought that opening my own business would be possible, especially ½ way through a graduate program. You gave me the courage and belief I needed to see my dream come true. Thanks so much! I will keep in touch!” ~Stefanie Juliano, Owner of Silver Lining Hypnotherapy & Therapeutic Services

“The great benefit of Lois’s basic hypnotherapy training are that it provides a solid foundation in the basics of classical Western hypnotherapy while allowing sufficient time to develop application of practical skills.  In short, when I finished, I felt that I knew my stuff and could practice it!” ~ Patricia M., CHt

“At the time I signed up for, and became a student at the National Hypnotherapy Training Center I was a skeptic.  My skepticism was not about hypnosis, or the other modern, yet alternative therapies such as NLP, EFT, or applied kinesiology.  I had long been sold on non-traditional approaches to accessing the potential of the human mind.”

My skepticism was about Lois Prinz.  I asked myself, “Why on earth would this lady wish to train potential competition?”  After all, she maintains a healthy and vibrant practice.  “Perhaps,” I thought, “she will teach us superficially, retaining the quality skills for her own practice, therefore securing not only our money for the training, but also the clients who could really benefit from a qualified hypnotherapist.”  Yes, I have my cynical and skeptical side.

I do however, admit when I am wrong.  I was clearly wrong in this instance.  Lois shared with us far more than I had expected.  She trained us in the practical use of hypnosis, yet her teaching went far beyond that.  I now have knowledge and skills that will serve my hypnosis practice as well as my everyday life.  As I discovered, Lois does not plan to live and practice in Albuquerque forever, she has future plans.  She is dedicated to leaving Albuquerque with qualified hypnotherapists who will be suitably trained to serve the public ethically.  I received far more than I had expected.  Quality training! ~ Reev P., CHt

Lois  “I have personally learned so much.  This hypnotherapy training with Lois Prinz has been an incredible personal growth experience.  Not only that I have a new profession/career to go into, yet I love the concepts, the challenges and the obvious rewards.  Thank you so much for your mentoring, Lois.” ~ Jean Wells., CCHt

“I am a “schoolaholic.”  I have never had such a practical approach to any coursework as I did with Lois Prinz at the National Hypnotherapy Training Center.  The whole experience was wonderful!!!  Thank you, Lois so much for giving your heart to this class, as well as endless knowledge.  You are in inspiration.  This is just the beginning.” ~ Jill Carmak, LMSW, CH

“I am writing to let you know how pleased I am to have been one of your students.  I learned so much in the class, and even got to apply some of the training after the first week!  This is something that I would not have thought possible.  I had my first paying client the same week I received my certification!  I want to thank you for having been, and continuing to be so accessible to your students.” ~ Mike Hutchison, CHt

“I received a profound understanding on the concepts of hypnosis as a student.  And as a client, this was the most exciting and wonderful experience.  Lois rocks!  She is a phenomenon.” ~ Marie Gintzeller, CH

“Lois provided thought-provoking delivery with wit and charm.  After this coursework, who could remain the same?”~Sharon D.

 “This has been two of the best weeks of my life.  The knowledge I have gained during this period is priceless.  I truly love it when I meet special people.  I am so blessed to meet you.” ~ Sherry Gell, CH

“I respect Lois greatly for her professionalism and as a hypnotist and teacher and trainer of hypnosis.  As a teacher, she seeks to empower her students.  Lois is an awesome hypnotist.  Her words and work are inspired and exceptionally delivered.” ~ Jackie Belk, CH

“I can’t say thank you enough.  This has been life altering.” ~ Tasha Khachaturian., CHt

“Training provided at NHTC is phenomenal!  It is given in a comfortable atmosphere by extremely knowledgeable professionals.  I am fortunate to have found the training that will allow me to finally reach my full potential and purpose in life.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to create a practice to serve others and keep that momentum going.  A fabulous start to the journey … you are raising the bar in the profession.  Thanks for your knowledge, expertise and spirit.” ~ Kathy Donnelly, C Ht

“Ms. Prinz’s dedication to this field and her wonderful teaching style is highly recommended.  Her progressive teaching approach gave me an opportunity to understand the many possibilities that comes with Hypnosis.  The whole experience has changed my life!” ~ Teresa Connell, CH

“Lois is an excellent trainer.  I especially like her no-nonsense, pragmatic style of teaching. Her enthusiasm for the subject matter was quite infectious and made the whole learning experience pleasurable and more interesting.” ~ John Biczynski, CH

“NHTC offers an excellent program with lots of information.  Lois’ textbook was great!” ~ April Radbill., Ph.D., CHt

“The trainer (Lois Prinz) did an excellent job in presenting information.  She was responsive to questions and freely shared her experience in the field, conveying enthusiasm for the work we were being trained to do.  I feel well prepared for the work of hypnotherapy.” ~ David H., M.S., CH

“Lois used more materials than necessary and presented the information in a way that was so easy to learn.  Although I already have over 250 hours of training from another facility, I greatly benefited from this class.  The facility here is fabulous!” ~ Keri Jenkins., CH

“Lois is extremely competent and very committed to our training as individuals.  She makes the information fun and relative to everyday events.” ~ Marci A., RN, CH

“This entire training was relevant to me.  In particular; all the useful information provided a joyful learning atmosphere.” ~ C. Mona M., CH

“I felt Lois was very knowledgeable about her industry.  She is patient, understanding and gives adequate attention to each student.  She explains the materials well enough to make sure everyone understood.  I truly enjoyed this program and than Lois for her time and attention.” ~ Max L. M., CH

“Thank you Lois for a most rewarding learning experience.  My life and others lives can only improve from here!” ~ John W., CH

“I have completed the two-week intensive class. I must say it was wonderful!! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into teaching others what you know. Also for all your understanding, patience and dedication to making sure we all got what we needed. Further more, for taking the time to get me through this class. I have not been in a classroom setting in over 21 years and at times I felt as if it was just a private class for me. I am most eager to take more classes with you. You demonstrated such leadership, Lois, I think of you as my mentor. I have much respect for you for the work you do and the knowledge you hold. THANK YOU SO MUCH!” ~ Lynda N Cordova

“I would like to offer a few thoughts regarding my experience as a student in Lois Prinz’ 2006 10-day Intensive Hypnotherapy Course. Upon my first meeting with Lois, I was pleased to find her exactly as I had envisioned her during the course of our initial telephone conversations. Lois exudes confidence, professionalism and an enviable “vibe” of serenity. As an instructor Lois is extremely knowledgeable in the area of hypnosis, both in technique and application. Her delivery is articulate and enthusiastic and peppered with an abundance of warmth and humor. Lois effortlessly held the attention (and earned the affection) of those of us who were fortunate enough to participate in the training. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in the subject of hypnotism — from the novice who wishes to begin the educational journey to the licensed professional who plans to incorporate hypnosis into their practice. Many thanks, Lois, for your generosity of spirit and the knowledge, which you so willingly shared. The entire experience (and the class camaraderie) will forever remain precious to me.” ~ With gratitude, Lynn Hoth

“Lois Prinz, founder and director of the National Hypnotherapy Training Center, has changed my life profoundly. As an educator, facilitator, and business professional, I am highly impressed with the caliber and integrity of the training provided at the National Hypnotherapy Training Center. Not only was I provided with an in-depth theoretical framework, but I was also offered the opportunity for practical application. Aside from the very detailed level of interactive and hands on activities provided, Ms Prinz went above and beyond by preparing future hypnotists to successfully enter the profession. The marketing materials, business strategies, and hypnotic cascade offered prepared me as a future hypnotist to successfully and prosperously enter this new profession. Thank you, Lois!” ~ Sincerely, Russell S.

“This clinical training was clear and concise, presenting a wealth of information in an easily comprehendible, balance of didactic and experiential format.  I can highly recommend the experience at NHTC and will incorporate what I have learned into my practice.”   Paul Gleason, MDW, BCC, CH

“Life-changing experience!  Lois is an incredible person and an inspiration to myself and others.  She is enthusiastic, well-informed, knowledgeable, experienced and interesting to those who learn from her  I am grateful for the experience. Thank you, Lois! ”   Julie Yerxa, CH

Wow! This training is fabulous!  For the new or experienced hypnotist, this information is invaluable.  It is some of the best time and money I have invested.  Thanks again, Lois.   K. Webber, LMSW, CH

“Lois’ enthusiasm and concern for the proper development of this profession is obvious.  She cares and puts a lot of effort into her training.  Her students really benefit.  Good course!”  Cathy Brett, RN, CH

“This experience was well worth the time and energy.  I recommend Lois Prinz and the National Hypnotherapy Training Center to everyone who is interested in learning hypnotism.”  Karen.W., CHt

“I enjoyed every moment of the class.  The material is fascinating and Lois did a superb job in presenting it while preparing us to be great hypnotists. I feel very fortunate to have been able to learn ad benefit from her tremendous experience and wisdom. Lois clearly puts her heart into her training.  It is a great feeling to see people who are passionate about what they do, and are doing their best to do what’s right for this world!  Thanks you, Lois!”   Anat Weinstein, CH

“This training experience was an immensely positive one.  Ms. Prinz’s knowledge of the subject is vast in scope.  Her client, heart centered approach is a great indication of the spirit required in such a valuable, health focused service.  I came out of the course with confidence that I had been taught the correct way.”   Paul Barrientos, CH

“If there’s one thing I was struck by (in addition to the completeness and coherency of what was presented, the style and humor of its delivery and the modeling of techniques embedded in the presentation), it was the honesty and pragmatism of the material.  The attitude of “This is what works as I see it,” certainly worked for me.  Thanks!”  Rob DeSalvo

“Lois’ course certainly helped in my everyday life, in addition to learning hypnotism.  I was able to review and analyze situations, and formulate positive results.  I believe everyone should take this training. “   Rito Castenada, CH

 “I’m truly floating with the stars as my dream has become Reality.  Thanks so much Lois.”  Karen Hagle, CH

“The structure was awesome with the person who wanted to stop smoking. Seeing and hearing that was worth many times what I paid for the class.” –Thomas Lorenz

“Excellent class!  It was very precise and well-orchestrated.  This training allowed me to grow in ways I had not imagined.”~ Terry Neves, CH 

“I loved the upbeat, positive, interactive learning approach Lois engaged.  I feel completely empowered to begin serving others in a loving, heart centered way.”~Susannah Skye, CH

“I came into the 10 Day Intensive with the intention that my life would be transformed as a result.  And it was.  The experience was more enriching and educational than I ever imagined it would be.  I not only learned so much about hypnosis, but I also learned so much about me.  Thank you, Lois.”~Anon

The experiential process and community-building helped us all gain self-awareness of what we needed to learn.~ Toni S-R

“This National Hypnotherapy Training Foundational training is excellent for anyone with interest in alternative lifestyle enhancement; or, for personal use, or purposes of becoming a hypnotherapist.  Lois’ information is well-organized, presented with depth of feeling, use of humor, and real concern for students’ needs.”~ Anon

 “This Intensive Training far exceeded my expectations (which were fairly high to begin with).  Lois Prinz is not only a compassionate and brilliant teacher; she has a profound understanding of human nature and is able to create a safe space for the entire student body.  I would recommend this Hypnotherapy Training Center to anyone who wants to experience personal awareness, knowledge and growth; or plans to become a hypnotherapist. “~ Margo Morado, CH

 “The Foundational Training at the National Hypnotherapy Training Center is excellent!  Good energy, never boring.  Emphasis on mindset (very important) great pacing and timing.  This class engages the students and is inspiring.  It’s organized and of course, provided many convincing demonstrations. “~ Randall Browning, CH 

“I am so excited to start this adventure; thank you so much Lois, for attracting me into your universe.  This would not have come to fruition if it weren’t for the school and the wonderful class and teaching techniques.  Many thanks to you, “~ Jeannice Perry, CH

This class surpassed my expectations.~ Diane Sepulveda, LPN, CHt

“The entire course was a lot of fun.  Fun and laughter creates endorphins and alertness, so this became very beneficial in order to go through the Intensive Coursework.  I truly recommend Lois’s course to everybody and anybody.”~ Luz Elena Browning, CH

“I’d like people to know this class was a great and enlightening experience, well taught and paced.  Lots of fun and a great group of students provided me very valuable information in a relaxing, supportive environment. “~ Diane Schwartz, CH

“I can honestly say that this is the most transformative intensive I have ever experienced, and I’ve experienced quite a few that were of a very high quality, Even if I had no intention of starting a practice, this would have been of tremendous value to me. .Thanks so much for your thoughtful, playful, intelligent, flexible insightful and loving approach to being a mentor.” ~ M. M.

“Material concept and entire course was delivered in a lively and entertaining manner. Relaxed and structured presentation was easy to follow-with opportunity for discussion of concepts allowed for better understanding of subject matter.” ~ Rich F.

“A life changing experience providing invaluable direction and encouragement for starting my Hypnosis career. Lois’ bombastic energy in class boosted my creativity and lifted my spirit.” ~ Ric S.

Well-paced, fun, exciting class…really opens the mind to possibilities. ~ Judy B.

“It was an excellent training, very re-enforcing and supportive-thank you for the new awakening direction.” ~  Priti S.

“This foundational class opened my eyes to the myriad possibilities of including hypnosis in my counseling practice. Lois is entertaining, extremely knowledgeable and makes learning a joy. She has presented a heartfelt intelligent hypnosis training program and i recommend this class to all who are interested in making a difference in themselves and on the planet.” ~ Sally Carlon.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found that it covered much more than I thought it would. Our  instructor was extremely knowledgeable and informative. She kept us engaged by interspersing anecdotes, humor and metaphors. This is a course everyone interested in becoming a hypnotist should take.” ~ Barbara S.

“Funny and educational!” ~Kimberly D

“Very much enjoyed the entire course!” ~ Sharon C